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Take a couple minutes right now to completely stop what you are doing and head over to is a relaxation therapy website where you can completely escape from the crazy, crowded, stressful world around you and just relax – right from the comfort of your desk.

No need to travel hundreds of miles to the nearest empty beach – It’s one click away.  Don’t want to be at the beach? There are several other environments that are yours for the choosing.  Relax near a mini-waterfall, a lake, an open savanna, fresh grasslands, etc. and just let the sounds of the natural environments carry you away.  You also have the option to add in calming music and/or guided relaxation if you’re having one of THOSE days.

And when you finish a full 2 or 10 minutes of uninterrupted relaxation, it doesn’t have to stop there.  You can do what I do and listen to the birds sing, crickets chirp, and wind blow as you carry on with your work.  Give it a try!

And remember, regardless of how much you have going on right now and how much you still have to get done, taking a short break to do absolutely nothing can mean absolutely everything for your sanity and productivity. Enjoy!


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